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Madelinetosh was created by Amy Hendrix.  Amy is a dyer, mama, and passionate color theory and crafting educator. Madelinetosh represents curated colors dyed with care on wholesome, ethically sourced and dyed wools. We celebrate rich, abundant color and natural fibers.

Madelinetosh logo


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Madelinetosh yarns use/are:

  • All Natural Fibers
  • Locally Dyed by Hand in Texas
  • Hand-Crafted using Traditional Methods in Small Dye Batches of two skeins.
  • Wool Ethically Sourced from Peruvian and South African Spinning Mills
  • Low Impact Organic Compound Dyes / Good for U & Good for the Earth
  • Packaging uses 90% recycled materials
  • Packaging products are made in the USA

Perfect for knit and crochet and available in a variety of weights and colors.  With no two skeins being exactly alike each time you begin it is an adventure in color.

To create a blended effect with two skeins of the same color which are similar but not completely alike it is suggested to alternate skeins every other row.  This will help to blend the skeins together for a more cohesive look.