HiyaHiya Locking Stitch Markers
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Stitch Markers


Whether you knit or crochet a stitch marker is your best friend.  We have both locking and fixed markers.


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Product Description

Stitch markers are the best friend of every Knitter and Crocheter.  We have both locking and fixed markers suitable for a large range of project needs.  You can use stitch markers to indicate right and wrong side of your work or to mark repeat boundaries in your knit and crochet work.  The locking/safety pin type are great for holding pieces of your work together when seaming.  No matter what you need them for we have the right markers to help make your knit and crochet life easier!

HiyaHiya Safety Pin                                              HiyaHiya Locking

HiyaHiya Safety Pin Stitch Markers        HiyaHiya Locking Stitch Markers



   HiyaHiya Yarn Ball Markers                       Susan Bates Wafer Thins

HiyaHiya Yarn Ball Stitch Markers                        Susan Bates Wafer Thin Stitch Markers


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